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About Us

Established in Early 2017, One Plus One Clothing operates on two fields – an apparel and fashion brand to provide the youths with simple, urban styles that reflect who they are; and as a media platform that caters for aspiring artists, social events and youth culture. To put it simply, One Plus One Clothing is created for the youths, by the youths.

As a Fashion Brand, we believe that through the pursuit of simplicity in clothing; people are able to express themselves and their identity, in an age where personal identity matters a lot. We are merging the lines between art, fashion, music and culture through the use of simplistic yet powerful designs.

We offer a range of high-quality and premium products, ranging from sweatshirts to bags. All of our products are product with a simplistic and minimal look. A clear and concise design with a single focus is much more effective at making a bold statement. This is at the forefront of everything we do.

As a media platform, One Plus One Clothing is actively supporting aspiring artists in the community, hosting social events, gatherings and pop-up parties. We are actively involved in youth culture and its communities.

Est. 2017. Dublin, Ireland
By The Youths. Embracing Youth Culutre.
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